Charles University:
2nd Medical School
M.D. Programme in English

Hi-tec laboratoriesThe Second Medical School is an intentionally recognized research and educational center in several fields of medicine.

2nd Medical Faculty and Motol Faculty Hospital serves as an internationaly recognized research center in several fields of basic and clinical research. Among others most active are the groups in human genetics, neurophysiology of glia, lung and heart physiology and biochemistry and applied immunology. We have several nationwide centers for clinical reserch e.g. pediatric hematooncology, diabetes, pediatric neurology, cardiology and others. The important part of its budget comes from several type of national and international research grants.

This provide the good research oportunity for many graduate students and undergraduate students.

The study programme of the 2nd Medical School is accredited by the US Department of Education (link). The diploma of the 2nd Medical School of the Prague Charles University (MUDr, Medicinae Universae Doctor, master degree) is recognized in the most countries.

The Czech Recublic hopes to join European Community in the near future. Than the diploma will be freely transferable within EC Countries. The graduates of the 2nd Medical School work all over the world.

There is already more than 150 gradueates of Medical Programme for Foreign Students withing last 6 years.